Build Value

The Changing Aviation Industry

The aircraft industry has undergone dramatic changes during the recent global economic downturn.  Aircraft owners are holding on to their assets for extended periods of time beyond the traditional ownership cycle.  JANUS™ was concieved to address these changing conditions in the aviation industry.  For aircraft owners, JANUS™ provides an alternative to purchasing a new aircraft without foregoing the technological advances and modern travel environment new aircraft purchasers’ desire.  For charter management companies, JANUS™ offers the opportunity to provide clients with the experience of an aircraft straight off the manufacturing line without the cost or additional investment.  Whether an owner or a charter company, a JANUS™ upgrade to your aircraft provides substantial savings over a new aircraft, all the benefits of a new aircraft, substantial cost savings, and added resale value to your aircraft.

Combine systematically increased resale value with the charter appeal of JANUS™ upgrade and any owner is more likely to optimize their return on investment.   With the JANUS™ modernization, charter operators are better able to improve the bottom line due to the low capital cost.   

Beating the Global Market with JANUS™

JANUS™ is perfectly suited to upgrade and modernize the cabin management systems, installing options that were not available when the aircraft was manufactured. The aircraft is certified to FAA, TC or EASA requirements and can be upgraded to include a certification basis change from Part 91 to Part 135. 

JANUS™ is more than a fiscal decision that makes sense.  The program is backed and managed by Aerospace Concepts, one of the industry's leading business and VIP aircraft completion management firms.

At Aerospace Concepts we ensure that each aircraft meets our client's expectations on time and within budget, every time.  The ACL team is one of the most experienced in the business, with a minimum of twenty years of experience in multiple expertise, including dedicated program managers that work with your aviation department.  JANUS™ was designed by ACL to meet or exceed its clients’ expectations, delivering the highest quality and at a price point that creates future resale value.