State of the Art

JANUS™ offers over 150 options to bring your aircraft to current production standards. JANUS™ puts the power of your surroundings into the palm of your hand for added comfort and control, offering all the technological convienences of a new business aircraft that were not available when you originally purchased your aircraft.

Features & Benefits

CMS I-Pad Interface

Similar to home automation for entertainment systems, the I-pad integration provides wireless control for most cabin management functions.  The system connects the I-pad to the aircrafts CMS system providing passengers with a remote control for audio, video, and cabin lighting.

IPAD Electronic Flight Bags

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is an electronic information management device that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper.  ACL proudly provides this information on an easily compact and accessible I-PAD with a specific type holder arm.

Synthetic Vision

Synthetic Vision is a natural and intuitive 3D terrain display on the Primary Flight Display which compliments lateral and vertical situational views by synthesizing key flight information for the crew and delivering it in a easy to understand way.

KU Band

The KU-band satellite service offers faster speeds at a lower cost than either cellular or other satellite mobile broadband alternatives, as well as better service in congested airspace. Aircraft are free to roam the entire coverage area, which today includes North America, the North Atlantic, and Europe.

High Definition Displays

The Latest in High Definition display technology to ensure that your entertainment and business can be viewed in crystal clear quality.  These Displays are located throughout the cabin to ensure all passengers enjoy the luxury of the aircraft.

CMS Update

ACL offers the latest CMS packages through the JANUS™ Program.  ACL will customize the selection: Lufthansa NICE, Honeywell Ovation or Rockwell Collins systems.  ACL will tailor the updated CMS integration to the clients needs and preferences.